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There is a phone sex staffing company called Papillion Agency and I've been there a few months now and it takes 3 WEEKS to get paid.3 weeks because Marcie can't write out the checks too fast, I guess.

The paycheck goes out 1 WEEK after the pay period,even though they tell you in the contract you get paid every 2 weeks. What-ever. And it takes 5 days for the paycheck to arrive in my mailbox, so I can count on receiving the check 11 or 12 days after the pay period ends. Why I still work there, I have no idea.

I am looking for something else because I've had it with this company. They also call you at home a hundred times a day,looking for girls to work because they are desperate for girls. I wonder why? The woman calls me at midnight or at 6 am or at 2 am, asking for girls to help out.

And if you can't keep your hold time up at 11 minutes or better, they make you attend a zillion *** coaching classes to teach you how to be a better "phone actress." Once I find another job, I am done.

I've had it with these people.

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The papillion agency could be a wonderful place to work, if Marcy, would pay folks when she's supposed too.And what makes it even worse, is that when you tall her you haven't gotten your paycheck, she gets a nasty attitude and tell you she mailed them out and have no control over the USPS.

And when I finally get my check it shows that she never even mailed the checks out until a week after she and I spoke. She's not Professional at all. And I was extremely dependable and always showed up for my shift.. though she does have her favorites.

And Rebeka, is her niece.So go figure!!!!


try blvd there not to bad


Did you even read the contract when you signed it? Everything you complained about is right there in black and white. Its those papers you sign and send back in. I , personally READ the documents I sign!! Yes. Checks get sent out 7 days after the end of the payperiod. Hello most any company is like that. Even out of home jobs. THey have to calculate your pay, process paperwork and then print checks. THEN you go and blame them for the mailing time?? You are insane. hello?? that is the USPS you should complain to. They send it out on the day they say in the contract. If you live five days away then its not the companys fault! If you dont agree to it, then why did you signt the contract?? DUH!

As far as calling all hours, I have been working here six years and have NEVER gotten a call ouside of decent times, and not when i didnt expect one!If you didnt show up for the schedule you asked for (becaus eyou make your own schedule) then duh of course youre gonna get a call.

The paperwork DOES say you have to have an 11 hold time. Which by the way is SIMPLE to achieve. They are super nice and put you through classes trying to HELP you and you complain about that? Most pso companies would just toss you out on your bootie and say goodbye. Heck, you say they put you through more than one! That is super nice if you ask me.

I think you need to do two things when you find another job.

1)read the paperwork you are singing DUH!

2)stay away from...

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